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Squared OnlineMy name is Jonny Lennon. I’ve been living & breathing technology for more than 20 years. Originally schooled in Silicon Valley my life & career in technology have taken me to all corners of this amazing planet.  Over the years I’ve seen technology revolutions come and go. I was around for the birth of the PC, I knew email when it was t-mail and I remember a world without the Internet.

Fast-forward to today & my business card reads “Chief of Group Digital Business”… So why have I come to Squared Online?

For me the term “Digital” is a diluted and misunderstood concept. In a way not too dissimilar to it’s close cousin “Social”. Is it a noun? Perhaps a verb? Maybe an adjective? Rightly or wrongly Digital has become somewhat of a “catch-all” phrase that so often purports to be something it isn’t.

“I work in Digital !”

“We’re a Digital Agency !”

“Digital is the future !”

I hear these phrases so often and yet contextually I have no idea what they are supposed to mean? What is it about us 21st century humans that drives us to group so much under a single header? Is it a mechanism to cope with the proliferation & access to so much data? Or maybe it’s that every 7-10 years we humans have a need to cycle through yet another new revolution? Perhaps it’s our need to constantly re-create cultural attachment to something that gives us relevance as we pass through the planet?

Digital through my eyes is the symbiotic relationship that occupies the space at the intersection of great design & advanced technology. (Interactions / Services / Experiences / Behaviors / Software etc.) Whatever “Digital” is one thing is for sure. It is changing things at an unprecedented rate. Never before have we had the ability to innovate so much, so quickly and so cheaply. Rapid prototyping, social networking, mobile, cloud computing & open source software are all design & technology disrupters that are changing the world as we know it. So I’ve come to Squared to listen, learn, observe & understand from the perspective of others.

I can only identify one key takeaway from this course. I want to better understand the role that Digital, as an evolving concept, plays in my life and in the lives of others.

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